The instigator of it all; all he wanted to do was to bring Filipinos abroad to watch the pinnacle of motorsports, Formula 1. William is a huge fan of the sport; his first live race was the inaugural Malaysian GP back in 1999. This was the beginning of Red Rock’s journey, that of bringing fans to watch the races live!


The latest addition to the team, a former flight crew, she decided to clip her wings after flying for 30 years; Rebecca is now the office manager, and heads the social media pages / website development of RRT; she brings a wealth of experience in travelling the world.


RRT’s main person for all things outbound, Gigi heads international tour bookings, and, product marketing. Aside from Rebecca, Gigi is the most travelled individual of the team, also, she is the representative of the company for all things corporate.


Red Rock’s tour director, Norman regularly accompanies the group during GP weekends, and is the main person for ticketing for F1, MotoGP, NBA, Grand Slam Tennis and the like.


The youngest of the group, James is the product developer and tech guy of the team. With his youth, James gets the pulse of his generation to come up and provide new and exciting offerings.


EG is RRT’s provincial marketing head, while he may not be a regular fixture in some Manila events, EG has ample industry knowledge when it comes to marketing.


RRT’s liaison officer, the person who regularly spends his time outside the confines of the office, Chris has valuable knowledge when dealings with various local and foreign government agencies.